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Incredible Stupidity

I've been meaning to vent about this (admittedly utterly trivial event) since Tuesday, so here goes...

We preorder most of our Disney DVD's through the Disney store, since there is usually a set of lithographs that go with whatever animated film they are about to release. Liz has been doing this for years; her litho collection is complete back into somewhere in the early '90's (if not beyond). Eventually it means we will have an art gallery's worth of kid-friendly art that we can rotate through, but that has little to do with this story.

So, Tuesday was the big day--The Incredibles dropped to stores, and, pre-order receipt in hand, we were ready to pick it up and bask in its warm glow of perfection, as one can generally expect to do with any Pixar release. We strolled into the Disney Store, briefly messed with the various Stitch plushes, and then made for the counter to pick up our DVD. The clerk started to ring us up and slid the disc towards us...

"Whoa! Hold it right there!" I exclaimed. Right there, on the top of the box, was a word that I hate to see, and which I won't buy unless I have no other choice:


Having just walked past the Suncoast, chock-a-block full of widescreen copies, we were a little put out. It turns out that some genius at Disney decided that Disney Stores should only carry the fullscreen edition. Period. It's not quite as bad of a bait-and-switch as pre-selling a two-disc edtion of Lilo and Stitch, then releasing a barebones one-disc release, but for a freaking Pixar movie--which just won an Academy Award, for cryin' out loud!--I expect better.

After negotiating a refund, we walked out and voted elsewhere with our dollars. Thinking about the Disney Store, packed with clothes that no one buys, plushes that no one buys, toys that no one buys, crap that no one buys, and now DVD's that no one (at least not me) wants to buy, I can't help but wonder if they are deliberately committing retail suicide, or if it's just a giant spectacular accident.

Either way... Caveat emptor.

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