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Cat Hole, Rings, Rezzies, MirrorMask

[info]aquamindy and I (okay, mostly [info]aquamindy, but I helped) installed a cat hole on our laundry room door this week!

Julia beholds the glory

Valentine enjoys the new opening

Julia through the arch

In thoroughly unrelated news, we have tickets to see One Man Lord of the Rings in Chicago in February!! My bounces of excitement and joy cannot be tamed!! To round out our little jaunt, [info]aquamindy scored dinner rezzies at Topolobampo, which looks like it will pretty much blow my mind. (The chef, Rick Bayless, was a recent combatant on Iron Chef America.)

Even more unrelated, Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman's MirrorMask has its first review from Sundance. I am so completely and totally stoked to see this film! It can't get to a theatre near me soon enough.

Having completed my official son-in-law tech support duties for the evening, I can now wrap this up and hit the mighty POST button. Cheers, and enjoy your Friday!

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