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The Highly Belated Christmas Loot Post

Once upon a time (not quite a month ago), I was going to mention a few notable items from our Christmas loot, but then there was that whole tsunami thing, and I felt weird about bragging or something, and then I realized that it was silly to restrict myself like that, and then I got swamped at work, and, well, now it's almost February. So, I figure it's now or never. I'll be good and keep the loot list to a minimum...

My dearest Liz got me the signed, hardback, single-volume edition of Bone. Just as soon as I clear some bookshelf space (so that I can have the headboard room), I'll be tearing into it with glee.

I got Liz some fancy wine glasses--four-packs of the Riedel Bordeaux and Burgundy stemware. It's not just hype; they do make a rather astounding taste and smell difference.

Santa was also especially kind, topping off our stockings with a gift box of Tres Sabores Zinfandels--three distinctly different bottles, made by three distinctly different winemakers, from the same vineyard. This looks especially nummy.

Additionally, Santa dropped off a Harmony 688 remote control. I love, love, love this remote; it is, finally, everything I was looking for in a universal remote. Mostly, that means that it has fully programmable hard buttons for pretty much everything you would ever want, in a decent enough layout to be usable and comfortable, is shaped vaguely like the nigh-miraculous Tivo remote (which has the best remote ergonomics EVER), and can cope with an arbitrary collection of hardware without being pesky or capricious. Oh, and it's cross-platform too--it fully supports being programmed on MacOS X as well as Windows, and Linux software is on the way. In the few weeks since Christmas, it has allowed us to retire the seven remotes that were necessary to drive our family room, and it's delightfully easy to customize to our needs. Major kudos to Santa, this one gets five out of five!

Okay. Enough of that. I've got to get back to complaining about the snow, or something.

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