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Wiki W00t!

Lo, I have done battle with the not-exactly-the-best (putting it politely, and I think, fairly) documentation, and I have gotten Moin up and functioning on my Gentoo box, in pretty much exactly the way I want it, as a name-based virtual host hiding behind my Apache server.

Okay, so it's not like I solved Fermat's Last Theorem or anything, but one or two little nuances were pissing me off for a while, and I feel at least minorly righteous in my small success.

What's the point? [info]aquamindy and I now have a collaborative, searchable, hypertext, multimedia system that we can use to keep track of our wine tasting notes. It's delightfully powerful at coping with freeform documents, recording thoughts as they happen and refining them upon reflection, and the lightweight syntax makes it easy to add content.

I know, I know, wikis are just sooo dot-com bubble, and I'm completely late to the wiki party, but I only recently got turned onto the joy of t3h w!k! when I started using the sparsely populated wiki at work, and quickly discovered how insanely useful it was once I started brain-dumping into it.

In completely unrelated news, I have a lot of new kitten photos to post one of these days. They did heaps of Cute Stuff over my little Christmas break, but nothing compares to the joy of snapping photos of Julia perched atop our bedroom door (which she ascended for the first time this morning).

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