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DNS Switcheroo

Found a much better solution for my DNS needs today, one which will mean I no longer have to pester one of my co-workers to restart his DNS server at odd hours of the night, whenever Liz complains that's mail is down, or my photos mysteriously drop into oblivion. It also means I can manage it all myself, which is nice for adding new domains and subdomains (because doing that makes me feel all special). And free!

Their hosting is a tiny, tiny bit cheaper than at my current provider, but I'm not sure if one dollar per month savings is really going to be much of a boon to me. I do like that domain names are under $10 per year, though...

I've gotten everything switched around (or at least I think I do)... If anyone has any trouble hitting,, or sending mail to me or Liz at our addresses, please let me know! Thanks.

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