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One Vacation Ends, Another Begins

Got the 'rents to the airport for their flight home today. Haven't heard anything from them yet, so I am assuming that the planes are doing their various airplane things and doing just fine. I would say that the house is quieter with half as many humans, but my folks are pretty quiet any way--the big goal was to get them both to spend a week just chilling out, sleeping in, relaxing, and enjoying life. Thankfully, I think we succeeded.

We had a very nice time at Three Birds last night, a combination of an early birthday celebration for Liz, and a shmancy send-off dinner for Mom and Dad. I think we may have done some serious damage to them--their taste buds got treated to a lot of new experiences this week.

Liz is still under the weather, so I am now embarking on a stringent program of TLC--soup, tea, water, naps, bad movies, kitten therapy, leftover cornbread stuffing... that sort of thing.

One of these days (possibly tomorrow) I will have to start working on the annual Christmas card/letter, which has been on a bit of a hiatus due to extreme lack of motivation. I guess it's also time to hook up the Xbox again; I am woefully behind on LotR: The Third Age.

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