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Stewing in the Juices of Holiday Cheer

Haven't left the house for two days, and it feels great.

Thursday, my parents' 35th anniversary, we braved the roads to treat my folks to the tasting menu at Parker's, and there was much rejoicing.

Yesterday, I made a quickie breakfast of scrambled eggs and breakfast sausage. When lunchtime rolled around, I whipped up fancy grilled cheese sandwiches (ham and smoked gouda on some form of multigrain bread) and soup. Dinner? Cider-glazed pork tenderloin, Chianti-stained risotto with bleu cheese and sauteed pears, a spinach salad (plus pancetta, roasted red peppers, bleu cheese, spiced pecans, and a fig port vinagrette), and our infamous apple strudel, the last of which paired marvelously with the Stoney Ridge Gewürztraminer Ice Wine that we brought back from Niagara last spring.

Today--Christmas! Hooray! Santa brought goodies for us hardworking kitchen busybodies. After opening stocking stuffers and Santa treasures, the parade of good eats began again. Breakfasted on eggs, bacon, strudel, potica, a Guiness fruit cake, and introduced my parents to mimosas.

Once present-opening was concluded, we embarked on the next phase of the "feastivities," the Christmas Dinner. We opened the meal with a home-made butternut squash soup, then followed with the primary pig-out: an heirloom turkey (which cooked in about half to two-thirds the time we expected!), cornbread and chorizo stuffing (also featuring pecans, apricots, and cherries), pan-made gravy, Zinfandel spice cranberry sauce, mashed yams, and roasted carrots and parsnips. Once we've napped that bad boy off for a bit, it'll be time to flame the honey lavendar creme brulees, and pour the accompanying late harvest Viognier. Maybe there will be a baked brie somewhere in the mix... who knows.

Many kudos to Liz, whose first turkey met with unquestionable success, and to my mom, for taking over as sous chef while I napped, and did an inhuman amount of cleanup.

I hope everyone has had delicious holiday memories of their own, no matter what the menu. Cheers!

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