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Dear God, But That's a Lot of Snow

Dad and I went out to shovel at about 10 this morning. Got done by about 12:30 or thereabouts. Don't know how many tons of snow it was; I am content with calling it, simply, "an awful lot," and feeling a vague sense of accomplishment in having conquered it. Thankfully, the Westlake city plows were out in force, and plowing out each driveway, relieving us of the insurmountable burden of the 5-foot-high snow boulders that had been piling up, taunting us as we struggled in vain against lesser drifts.

It was an odd sort of way to spend the morning--an unpleasant task that we are glad to be done with, but one of those weird, warm-fuzzy sort of bonding opportunities. Quality Time, or some such.


I'm just glad to be inside, warm, and dry. Oh, and I think it's about time to pull lunch out of the oven. Whee!

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