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Long Overdue Kitten Photo Roundup

I've been meaning to post more kitten photos for at least a week now, and keep doing that silly "work" stuff instead.

Everything is a cat toy at one point.

Julia can fly!

Kittens at play.

Beware the tiny jaws of doom!

Sleepy symmetry.

Julia demands a cracker, dash it all!

Julia hasn't quite mastered touch typing yet.

Kittens are about to dispense a can of whup onto my toes (hiding in the blanket).

We're ready for our close-up, Mr. Demille.


Here we see the classic Michael Bay/Jerry Bruckheimer-style action shot.

...and one more blurry action photo, this time slightly more artistic. Maybe.

Hot kitten-on-kitten action!

Yes, we know we're beautiful.

Done with the window...

Cats are like velcro...

Julia on the climber

Julia and Snowlock


Sunbeam redux.

Of course, those are all at least a week out of date, so expect another massive helping of cuteness sometime in the next few days.

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