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A Few Reasons For Thanks

It's a really, really good thing that I learned to drive in cruddy weather and on cruddy roads back in Colorado, because those skills came in quite handy last night. We had pretty heavy rain most of the way to Toledo, which was acceptable, but once we hit Indiana, it was time for snow and ice. Sort of a "Busiest Travel Day on Ice" musical extravaganza, without the music. Normally I'm all about zipping around at 80 miles per hour, but once there's ice and limited visibility, I turn into my father... And though that means I got passed by just about everybody, I didn't end up in a ditch either. (Should I feel guilty about taking pleasure in seeing cars that passed me at ridiculously unsafe speeds end up in ditches?)

We pressed on, slow and steady, and it only took us an extra couple of hours. And Anne had wine and pizza, a wonderful reward and pre-Thanksgiving feast!

And there was much rejoicing.

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