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Wheeze Hack Cough Hock Gasp Wheeze

About an hour before The Incredibles on Friday, I started to feel like crap: dehydrated, glands swelling, throat tightening... I toughed it out and enjoyed the hell out of the movie (I wasn't going to give up my place in line, after all!). But I knew that I'd need to be well by Monday, so after Friday's mild excesses, it was time to rest.

So, I slept almost all of Saturday. Had a fever off and on, mostly retrograde, a lovely 96.9 or 97.2 degrees, or thereabouts. By mid-afternoon on Saturday, Liz had picked it up as well, and her temp headed up to 100. Scrubbed all plans for Sunday and continued resting--my temp started to get back to normal, and Liz's started to come back down into the low 99-and-change area.

Now that it's Monday, and I have a week of work ahead of me, and lots of stuff to get done...

Now the wheezing has set in.

And the painful, wracking cough.

And the hocking up of scary green bits.

So much for trying to pre-emptive about it... *sigh* (*wheeze-gasp-hack-cough*)

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