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A Jumble of Impressions

Random impressions and thoughts from the past couple of days...

Say what you will about various political figures, Bruce Springsteen friggin' rules.

Apparently CWRU is slammin'! How odd. Had Case been "slammin'" while I was there, I still don't think I would have had a very good time.

Last night I had to try to remain silently respectful while a "performance artist" (okay, he was a loon) in a home-made pro-Kerry T-shirt skated up to us on rollerblades and launched into a one-man poetry slam against the administration, then skated away. Hey, at least he did it with some feeling.

Stop calling my house. I was going to vote, I did vote, I am done voting. I even got the sticker. You can call other people now.

Our mayor couldn't form a cohesive sentence if she had exacting diagrams and step-by-step instructions.

Local band Roosevelt did a great cover of the Beatles' "Don't Let Me Down" last night. Lots of energy, tight sound, and damn! did that guy ever sound like John Lennon.

On that note, props to JL. We miss you.

Waiting for data... Pregnant with anticipation, CNN (among others) have little Electoral College scoreboards with tiny Bush and Kerry faces next to big goose-egg zeros. Somewhere, a database is licking its chops waiting to churn out a new value to put in there... I think it'd be interesting if, somehow, the count stayed at zero all week long, just to see people's reactions.

Drinking games for the hoity-toity, or what to serve with your evening of Electoral nail-biting. Giggle.

I'm serious, stop f*cking calling my house, I already voted. This isn't Chicago, you know.

Other things if and/or when they form tangible linguistic structures...

Happy electing!

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