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How to Be Me and Still Have a Nice Day or Two

Life seems to have once more obtained a state of "hey, that's all right"-ness. Not superbly exciting, but a pleasantly groovy comfort level that seems quite enjoyable.

We enjoyed the lovely company of [info]cynic51, [info]butterandjelly, and Dave for "Sausage-Fest '04" on Wednesday. The Jack Daniels and cheddar brats were a big, meaty world of pleasure.

Work is starting to pick up from the low point I was experiencing a couple weeks ago. Stuff still annoys me, but I have eased on down from needing to beat people senseless by 9:30 every morning, so that's got to be a positive sign. I even found myself at work until almost 7 on Friday, tinkering on something that I had wanted to do for months now, and actually enjoying myself. Scary.

Had a lovely dinner at Cafe Tandoor with Liz on Friday night. Gewürztraminer is just made for Indian food. Nummy.

Slept like the dead for much of Saturday, in the way that feels really, really nice. Did a bit of tidying up and small house chores. Then we had visitors for dinner: Sandra, who's a friend and business associate of Liz's from her previous job--and her husband, Lincoln, and Chanelle, their utterly adorable one-year-old daughter. Yes, I even held the baby for awhile, and not at arm's length either. It's quite a huge step for me, as I'm finally getting to the point where I've realized that I would really like kids, and sooner rather than too much later. (Yes, this is also a scary concept, I know.)

Liz's cuisine reigned supreme once again--risotto, grilled asparagus, and an apple cider brined pork tenderloin, served with the 2001 Artesa Pinot Noir. There were many small moans of delight at this, but even more and louder noises of appreciation over dessert, a honey-lavender creme brulee, paired with a late harvest Viongier--which, simply put, was a match made in heaven. I think it's probably the best creme brulee I've ever had in my life, and possibly one of the best that I ever will have. Just perfect!

Another lazy sort of day today. Slept in, cooked a nice breakfast around eleven, ran some small errands. Went to see Shaun of the Dead, which, bar none, is the singular best zombie flick I've seen all year. It's refreshingly charming, hilarious, simultaneously cheeky and sincere, and an absolute hell of a good time. Not exactly the sort of thing for the squeamish, but otherwise I overwhelmingly recommend it.

Did some additional small chores around the house, then prepared another fabulous dinner with Liz. Wilted "drunken" spinach with garlic salad, risotto cakes (hooray for leftovers!), and espresso-rubbed flank steak, served with a 2003 Funky Llama Shiraz. Given its rather modest price point, Funky Llama could have gone either way, and either been a nice find along the lines of Yellowtail or Big Ass, or a complete disaster like Little Penguin. Thankfully, Funky Llama was a positive experience, and opened up very nicely with the food. We then finished off the leftover creme brulee while watching The Paper Chase, which I hadn't seen in at least half of forever.

Meanwhile, I'm making serious headway into Dan Simmons' Ilium, which unfolds its wonders and mysteries like a series of Russian nesting dolls. I really loved his Hyperion books, and am quite enjoying this one. Highly recommended to sci-fi folks who haven't picked it up yet.

All in all, it's been a rather decent and relaxing handful of days, for which I suspect I am or should be quite thankful.

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