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Case Western Reserve University Still Hates Me (And Possibly You Too)

Received this via email this morning...

Dear Friend of Case:

Our records indicate that you hold a Case Network ID from a past association with Case Western Reserve University. Your association might have been as a student, staff, or faculty member.

In recent years, along with many other educational institutions, Case has experienced a proliferation of network IDs. Currently, over 37,000 network IDs are associated with persons who no longer work, study, or teach at Case. To alleviate and manage the significant storage and maintenance issues associated with these IDs, it is necessary to disable these accounts. In line with this university policy, your network account will be de-activated on December 17, 2004.

If you are a Case Western Reserve University alum, please note that you are entitled to a Case Online Services account which provides access to an email forwarding identity (i.e,, the alumni directory, on-campus newsgroups, as well as discounts on goods and services. To learn more about this alumni package, and to establish an alumni account, please go to the Case Alumni website at .

If you believe this notice has been sent to you in error, please contact the Case Help Desk at 216-368-HELP (4357).

Thank you for your attention and understanding on this matter.

Network Account Management System
Case Western Reserve University

So much for the umpteen million promises that alumni could keep their email addresses for life (for forwarding purposes, etc.). Thanks, Case, I'll remember this the next time you come sucking up to me for money. Biatches.

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