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Life, Thankfully, Goes On

The past 50 hours or so have been really quite nice and relaxing.

Friday night, we had margaritas (which I drank rather rapidly) and a tasty venison stew at [info]butterandjelly's place. The stew was great, especially with the straight-ahead Shiraz that we tapped into to go with it, and the conversation and company, as always, were heaps of fun. I even got to make friends with Butterscotch the cat, a nice little surprise since he's a big ol' fraidy-cat.

I spent much of Saturday and today assembling a new Linux box and getting Gentoo up and running on the new hardware. Not only is it mind-bendingly better and faster than what I am used to running on, it's really, really quiet. It's rather disconcerting--even my iMac is louder, and it used to be the quiet machine in the room! Athlon64 3400+, ASUS K8N board, 1GB of Kingston DDR400 memory, in a tasteful Antec SLK3700-BQE case. Stock heatsink/fan, stock power supply, and just the one 120mm rear case fan. Pictures are probably forthcoming, now that I've got back up and running.

Visited John Christ Winery out in Avon Lake on Saturday afternoon. Their wines were okay at best; wish I could give even that much praise to the service. It was good to check them out, but I don't think I'll be going back any time soon.

Last night we watched Hidalgo and Shaolin Soccer, and had far too much pizza and wine. It felt really good.

Got a few things done around the house. (Whee, semi-motivation!)

I made breakfast on Saturday. Liz made crazy-good chicken curry with a magical jar of sauce from our trip to Stratford. Yum. It's nice when simple things like meals can be really rewarding.

Yessir, I'd say it's a real shame that I have to go back to work tomorrow morning.

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