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Well, poop.

Work is utterly irritating; there's nothing quite like being ready to kill people from the moment I set foot in the office to the moment I leave. My present workload is quagmire-tastic at best, and violently uninteresting. Ugh.

Continued frustration on the computer front. I ran Memtest86 for about 24 hours and it showed zero errors, so I thought there might be some hope. So I deactivated some services in an attempt to pare down what was running, rebooted, twiddled menuconfig a little bit, and started a kernel compile.... which failed utterly as it neared completion, giving me a lovely kernel panic and locking up the box pretty hard. Rebooted into a much older, theoretically more stable kernel, and still can't get anything to do a friggin' DNS lookup, which makes it hard to see if I have a bad gcc or something that needs updating.

Damn, and blast, and other, less PG-rated terminology. I really don't want to try to reinstall without a backup, and I don't really have anywhere to back up to. Then again, if I'm having hardware problems, I'm not even sure a reinstall would help. Of course, given the whole cat situation, I don't want to have to start replacing hardware either. (Because at that point, why not just get a lovely Xserve and be done with Linux entirely? Oh, yeah, because Xserve costs a lot.)

Ugh again.

Oh, well, at least it's not like Greedo still shoots first or anything... (What? He does? You bastards!)

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