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Good, Bad, Ugly


  • [info]oogby and [info]reasie are married! It was a lovely, utterly clear blue day in the park, and a joy to attend and assist with the special day.
  • We finally got around to seeing Hero on Saturday night. Beautiful! It's as if Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Rashomon had an impeccably elegant baby. Bravo!
  • To my surprise, I had not been aware of a new Wes Anderson movie coming out this Christmas, so hooray for movie posters! This loooks like it will be utterly fabulous.
  • We've passed the halfway point of Babylon 5, and [info]aquamindy's addiction to it grows ever stronger (muahahahahahaha!!!!).


  • Pixel is still dead, and there's not a damn thing I can do about it.
  • I had a suck-tacular week at work.
  • It turns out I didn't have to go buy tools on Saturday to help cut artificial flowers after all, as people succeeded in finding something that would work while I was out on my errand.
  • The computer I'm borrowing from [info]aquamindy as a temporary stand-in for my Gentoo box is acting flaky. It likes to do things like spontaneously reboot, not let userland apps talk to a DNS server, and have runaway, unkillable processes during compiles. So I shut the damned thing off, because it's entirely too frustrating to deal with right now.


  • Vet bills on top of everything else we've been doing to the house.
  • 1600 emails in my inbox from the reason work sucked last week, none of them my fault or anything that I can do anything about, but still highly irritating. I suppose it would have been more than that, but my inbox got locked at that point.
  • I gave myself a wicked plastic cut on Saturday as I tried to open up the tools that it turned out I didn't need to buy. It's like a paper cut, but vastly more painful, vicious, and bleedy. My right pinky has a swath about an inch long by a quarter-inch wide that got left behind at the Metroparks. I think I'm up to bandage number six, as it keeps wanting to bleed and be a touch pussy from time to time. It's really quite gross. And it hurts. A lot.

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