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Back in Action (Sort Of)

The mini-saga of my Linux box continues...

Last time, Excel, my Gentoo box was found half-alive, drives and fans spinning but unresponsive and unable to boot. A faulty power supply was suspected, and spousal approval for a trip to CompUSA was obtained.

So, after a late day dealing with the various fusterclucks at work, I stopped and picked up a new power supply, and after dinner I set to, carefully unraveling the tendrils of the suspect from their squidlike grip on various components, and gently removing the creature from its home. I connected the new supply, reattached various useful cords, powered it up, and prayed.




Boot-time happy beep--negative. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Well, I thought, this is more of a pain in the ass than I was expecting.

At this point, we were both starting to get concerned about the photo archive, which I don't think we could bear the loss of right now.

I laid out the options for [info]aquamindy: buy a new board, CPU, and memory, and transplant them into my existing case; build the brand-new system I've been thinking about for several months, much earlier than I had planned on assembling anything; or put my drives into her Win98 box as a temporary measure. She graciously chose the third option, which had the side benefits of immediacy and affordability.

Of course... Her case only has one internal 3.5" bay, so out went her 40GB drive, into an old anti-static bag in the closet. It just gets better and better, doesn't it?

And now... It boots! My grub menu has never looked so beautiful! Excel (sort of) lives again!

I was smart enough to swap the network card for the one from my box, but I didn't realize that I'd need to do the same with my video card, figuring that the Matrox G400 driver I'd rolled into the kernel would also support the G450. Ha! I got quite a laugh when, after telling grub which kernel to boot, it tried to drop into framebuffer mode, and away went my video signal, like some elusive pixy off to work mischief somewhere else.

I'll have to either swap the video card, or re-roll the kernel with more/different video drivers, but that can wait for now. My data is all intact, and the photo site is up again. Huzzah.


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