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In Other Disappointing News

As if I didn't have enough issues this week, it looks like the power supply on my Linux box died sometime this evening. Tried to ssh to it from across the house and couldn't connect. 100% packet loss in my pings.

So, off to the other room I trudged, to see if I'd had a wonky kernel issue, or suicidal X session... The display didn't wake up when I started banging on the keyboard, so out came the mighty and rarely-used reset button. The drives spun up, the fans were running, das blinkenlights on the front of the box indicated some activity, the NIC lit up green to announce its life to the world. And then nothing happened.

I powered it back down, waited a few minutes with the electricity unplugged completely, and tried again. Same story, but now with fewer blinkenlights--most notably the power light itself. On neither boot attempt did it issue the single beep of a happy post, nor did it even pipe forth a multi-note alarm to signal a problem.

So... Hopefully it's just a power supply issue, and not the board itself, but as recent events have shown, I am not having much luck with the word "hope." My fingers are crossed for my data--all my photos are on there, including everything of Pixel. (Note to self; acquire large-ass spare hard drive for online backups, and learn to grok hdparm.)

On one hand, I was already planning on an overhaul of the box anyway, starting with a new case and power supply, but I was really not planning on it being a necessity.

Especially this week.

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