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Visiting Hours

Our week was largely depressing, filled with worry and heartache. I wasn't expecting any good news when we arrived at the vet's on Friday afternoon during visiting hours. I figured it might be (one of) the last times I ever got to hold my cat while she still lived. I was visibly shaken as we entered, bubbling over with anxiety.

And then I heard a loud meow of complaint, and I knew right away that my baby was starting to feel better. Over the past couple of weeks, Pixel has been so lethargic that she hasn't had much of her meow, and what she's had hasn't sounded right; while this wasn't a terribly happy meow, it sounded right.

We spent about an hour and a half with her in a private exam room, holding her, petting her, stroking and scritching all the happy kitty places, and generally bathing her in our love. I broke down and had a really good cry, which I've really been needing. She was pretty tired from her ordeal, but was fairly alert and responsive, and her eyes were bright and interested. It was good to hear her purr.

We came back for another visit this afternoon, and stayed again for about eighty or ninety minutes. She seems to be in even better shape today; she's much more vocal (especially when the dogs start barking in other rooms), and starting to be really irritated by the catheter in her right foreleg. I figure if she has enough energy to be upset at the minor annoyances of her surroundings, she has turned a corner of some sort.

And the science is looking good too--yesterday her morning and afternoon CBC was stable at 16; this morning and this afternoon it's up to 18. This is the first time in two weeks that her CBC has improved without a blood transfusion, so this upswing seems to be a really positive sign that she might pull through.

Thank you for all of your positive thoughts, prayers, and psychic kitty mojo; it seems to be doing the trick! I don't think I've been as happy as I have these past 26 hours in quite some time.

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