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Hooray for Date Night

Had a wonderful day with Liz, the bestest wife in the world and the only lady for me!

Drove around parts east this morning and early afternoon to look at light fixtures, contemplate window treatments, replenish the spice rack, and ogle furniture. Rounded out the afternoon with napping and noodling with computers, and two episodes of Babylon 5.

Then, finding a lack of primary dinner ingredients in the fridge, we braved the rain and went out to Niko's to sample Greek wines and make a feast of appetizers. Our saganaki sparked a rush of flaming cheese orders at other tables, and we had a wonderful and thoroughly happy evening half-watching the Olympics while we ate and drank.

There is something strangely wonderful about the simplicity of happiness that I think we overlook too often.

It's really nice when life is simple. It's really nice to be happy.

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