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Moments of Transition

Varietals, our favorite wine bar, is being sold, closing, and will be transformed into something new and unfortunately different. We can't attend the big farewell celebrations tonight or tomorrow night, so we had our own little going away party last night, just [info]aquamindy, Maureen (the soon-to-be-ex-owner), Josh (soon-to-be-ex-manager), and plenty of good wine and good food. It's a bit sad to be losing such a great place, but we've gained new friends and experiences as a result, and for that we can be thankful.

While this era is ending, new ones are beginning...

Tonight we fly to Colorado to help our family celebrate my aunt Tami's wedding. She's been married twice before, but never had an actual wedding ceremony, so it's very exciting. Her groom-to-be seems somehow right to us; finally, Tami's found the person she's been looking for. I hear he's great with her son, JT, which fills me with lots of hope for them all. The last times that we've all been together like this have been for funerals, or gatherings in anticipation of loss, so I think we are all looking forward to sharing a day that is simply about joy.

[info]darlox, I'm sorry I can't attend your bachelor party--but I will be there in spirit. Ogle and imbibe one or two for me.

So, to everyone mentioned herein, and to all those not, here's to you; may you stand ever tall and with grace in your transitions from one moment to the next...

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