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On the Joys of Routine Automobile Maintenance

As if by some form of rapturous synchronicity, my car has started misbehaving just in time for its 25,000 mile scheduled maintenance. Today, hopefully, all shall be remedied and return to full automotive joyousness.

I've been witness lately to the intermittent but increasingly frequent return of the Naughty Traction Control Light. I had already scheduled the checkup when, this past Friday, the Engine Power Control light came on again during my drive home. (Thankfully, my new window regulators are still working like champs.) I hope that since the symptoms are identical to my past experience, that it will be a slam-dunk for the shop to fix again.

The really exciting part was a week ago, last Monday, as I drove my mother-in-law to the airport. As we approached the airport entrance, the lovely morning drive was punctuated by a piece of something falling from my sunroof and hitting me on the head. Luckily, the something in question was not the sunroof itself, but was instead a skinny piece of black plastic trim that looked like it had been ready to fall out for some time. While I was suprised and upset at the time to have bits of my car falling on my head, I am shockingly delighted to discover that the mysterious, unpredictable rattling noise that has been bothering me intermittently for over two years has suddenly ceased. Though this now allows me a deep sigh of relief, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the replacement of the part doesn't bring back that most infernal racket.

So, please, O mighty gods of the VW Service Department... Do only good things to my baby.

[Edit@19:00]All fixed, everything happy![/Edit]

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Monday, already in progress.

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