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License Plate Sightings

A spate of amusing and tragic vanity license plates have recently crossed my path:

  • XPENSIV on a little blue corporate drone conformity-mobile. A BMW I think. The guy may have paid a lot for this car, but apparently he couldn't afford the optional turn signal mechanism... I see him fairly often in traffic, driving like a complete jackass, and his license plate just begs for someone to key the bejeebers out of him.
  • NET JEDI on an SUV last week. I am not sure whether I should be amused by this, sad for the driver, jealous of the driver, or sad for myself that I am slightly jealous.
  • THE SUV on a Ford Explorer this morning. What? You're driving an SUV? How startling, I hadn't noticed!
  • TIMMAYY on a purple PT Cruiser last Friday. Brilliant! This plate inspired me to try on my best Timmy voice and giggle incessantly for several miles as I followed it through traffic on my way home from the airport.

The moral? Don't have a vanity plate that is stupid or that signals your willingness to exit the gene pool; choose wisely!

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