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Cottage Cheese

[info]aquamindy made me a lovely breakfast this morning to take to work: fresh peaches and (cue dramatic music, dum-dum-DUMMM...) cottage cheese.

I have not eaten cottage cheese for twenty years. Possibly even longer. When I was a kid, cottage cheese was the ickiest, grossest, stomach-churning stuff in the world.

So, two decades have passed and my palate has evolved. I enjoy fine wine, sushi, foie gras, and other such wacky culinary treats. I figured it was high time to sample cottage cheese once more, and perhaps render a new judgment of it.

The verdict?

Cottage cheese is no longer icky; it is, however, weird as hell. I probably won't be interested in trying it again for another twenty years.

The peaches, however, were damn good.

[EDIT@11:30]My tummy has a different opinion of cottage cheese than my mouth does. Cottage cheese is now officially icky evil (and must be stopped!). In related news, I'd like to die right about now...[/EDIT]

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