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Done or Done-Done?

I am promised that by the end of the day tomorrow (Friday), I will be able to start moving stuff back into the kitchen!

I am hopeful, but at the same time skeptical. The electrician was supposed to be here yesterday (Wednesday) and wasn't. He was supposed to be here today (Thursday, in case "Friday" and "Wednesday" weren't big enough hints) and wasn't. He is supposed to be here first thing in the morning (will he?) to install under-cabinet lights, an in-cabinet light, a phone jack, and make sure all the outlets are energized. Yes, I know I could probably do most of that myself with only my rudimentary skills, but I'm paying for other people to do all of the kitchen work, and that bloody well includes the electrical. My job is to bug people about screw-ups and cut checks. End of story.

Anyway, the electrician (who does good work, but does it slowly) is supposed to be done and gone by noon so that the cleaning folks can come and make everything look pretty. I'd like to think that'll happen, but I'll believe it when I see it.

There is a bunch of crap for them to clean up in the basement too... debris from replacing the electrical box and doing crazy stuff to the plumbing from upstairs. It's been there for weeks. I want it gone.

And there is a final treatment of sanding and sealing of the floor that probably won't happen until sometime in the next week or so (as the floor guys keep managing to leave a galaxy of tiny bubbles in the polyurethane--yuck)... So even though it'll be "done," it won't be "done-done."

Urr!! So close to putting things back to normal... But it feels like it's still so far away!

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