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Disbelief + Disappointment = Drama

Disbelief: I don't think that I really believe that the kitchen will be "done" today; despite promises that the electrician would be at our place "first thing in the morning," he wasn't there yet when I left around nine. They're supposed to be cleaning everything (including their messes in the basement) too. Yeah, right.

Disappointment: Just got a call from lovely wife [info]aquamindy, who is stuck in an airplane on the tarmac in Oakland, due to weather issues in Chicago. This has already caused her to miss her connecting flight that would have had her in Cleveland around 8:30 tonight.

Drama: What will the kitchen look like when I get home? Will [info]aquamindy make the only remaining return flight? Will I be secretly bothered by the lameness of this post?

Stay tuned!

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