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Bouncy But Exhausted

I find myself in an odd state of being wherein I am simultaneously bouncing off the walls and mind-bendingly exhausted.

Caution: naughty language ahead--enjoy or beware at your own risk! (I am much too tired at this point to care whether I offend or not.)

The major case of the happies is from an overdose of the VNV Nation Pastperfect DVD, which, let's be honest, pretty much thoroughly fucking rules my school. I'll be burning the concert portion to CD in the morning for some envigorating driving music.

So why the long face (and tired eyes, slowly burning, slowly burning, slowly burning, fade away*)?


1. I am still running on bloody California time after spending four days in San Francisco and similar environs;

2. I am sleeping like crap;

3. Ohio weather can go fuck itself (curse you, humidity, you steals our precious feeling of being clean and non-sticky!);

4. My eyes are driving me absolutely bugfuck (allergies? infections? alien probes? the world may never know!);

5. Work is an unending stream of things that annoy me;

6. I've not been eating much since the weekend, thanks mostly to United Airlines (mad middle-finger shout-outs to the flight attendant who explained that the reason they sell more in-flight meals than they actually offer is because "life isn't fair"), and thanks partly to the fact that the kitchen is crazy and there's not much food in the house anyway and I'm too absent minded from items One through Three to remember to buy things;

7. [info]aquamindy is in Sonoma and Napa all week;

Be it resolved that:

1. I feel like proper shite.

2. I think I need to block out a couple of weeks and just slip into a coma or something. Yes, that sounds pleasant indeed.

3. More later. Sleep (or what passes) is upon me.

*Crap, I've just raved about one industrial band and gone off on a lyric tangent of another, which is the music geek equivalent of horribly mixed metaphors. Bollocks. It shan't happen again. Unless of course it does, in which case you're just out of luck.

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