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Missing My Generation

So My Generation (my favorite local music store) is officially dead, and it turns out that now I need them more than ever. Why?


  • ...there's a new Cure album (with many different international versions)
  • ...there's the new Cure single
  • ...there's a new Cranes album in about a week
  • ...there's a new Skinny Puppy album
  • ...there's a new Ministry album (which sounds absolutely amazing from the iTMS samples, reminds me a lot of Psalm 69, one of my favorite albums)
  • ...there's a new Concrete Blonde album (which also sounds awesome from iTMS samples)
  • ...there's a new Faithless album
  • ...and a new Wilco album

I'd rather buy stuff at My Gen, but they're dead... And ordering online sucks, because I hate waiting for things. What's my alternative for instant gratification? I don't like the prices at Borders, but I might have to stoop to that level in order to get my fix.


This sucks, Beavis.

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