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f1r5t p45t4, 5uX0rZ!!!1!!


Much electrical progress today... among other things, we now have FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE!

W3 g0t m4d m1cr0w4v3z:

+h3 m1X3r lift gets its own h1dd3n 0utl3t:

4 gl455 0f w1n3 && +h0u...

T3h c0uNt3rT0p g3t5 5upP0rt:

4 w4tCh3d p0t:

Wh4t'Z c00k1nG?

m4d 5k1llZ:

fr15t p45t4!!

Mmmm, d3553rt:

5h3 ph34r5 t3h ph1r3Z!

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