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Potentially Important Things to Remember

If you use Apple's for your email, and you are in the process of switching accounts around (because, for example, Case disables your wife's POP/IMAP access), do not under any circumstances remove the account from Mail!

It very cheerfully removes not only your login information and account settings (not so bad), it also whacks all folders that belong to that account (inbox, sent messages, and so forth). Without even mentioning to you that, "Oh, hey, it looks like you have 600+ messages that you're about to delete as a side effect, are you sure you're down with that?" That is what I will politely refer to as "poor user experience." I have some really fun impolite things to call it too, but relatively few of them are printable.

Luckily, Symantec's Norton Utilities for Mac OS X managed to recover what looks like everything from a message standpoint, though it looks like attached documents are pretty much hosed. They are also good sports and have a very generous "previous customer" discount (I call saving 50% to be pretty decent) that I will be sending off for.

At least I got Liz's email (pretty much) back.

Let this be a lesson to thee, O users and designers of software!

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