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Let There Be LIGHT!!

There is once more some visible progress to report on our kitchen project!

First I'll tease you with this photo of an unfiltered red wine that had a LOT of sediment in it... So much that it wouldn't pour.
trick wine?

Last week our ovens were installed:

This just amused me... Our ovens have a "Sabbath Mode!" I wasn't aware that ovens had any concept of such a thing.
Sabbath Mode

Last Thursday the new electrical box was installed (thus leading to the misadventures with the hot water)...
electrical box

The electrician finally got back to us today... and now...

Let there be LIGHTSWITCHES!!
Let there be lightswitches!

And there was LIGHT!!
And there was light!

And Pixel saw that it was Good.
And pixel saw that it was Good.

And Pixel saw that it was Still Good.

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