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Two bottles of not-so-tasty wine on Friday night eventually led to one that was happy, which ended up paired with grilled brats and Return of the King.

Slept in far past our originally planned time, then discovered that our lack of hot water on Friday morning was not a fluke, as the shower would only briefly flirt with being mildly tepid before producing nothing but ice water. Showered very, very quickly. It turns out that some of the collection of random wires which the electrician did not attach to the new electrical box were the circuit for the water heater. Whoops! So I think he and our general contractor will be having a little conversation at some point soon...

Dealing with the water took up much of the afternoon. Liz had a bit of a nap, then we were off to the pseudo-going-away festivities (I say "pseudo" because it was a fairly laid-back affair of casual conversation and good times that never really even touched on [info]ayb2's departure). The meal was tasty, and a good time was had by all--save, of course, for Ronald Reagan and Smarty Jones, who appear to have both had a jolly rotten day.

Zipped on down to the theatres at Valley View for Harry Potter, which was much better than the first two films. Lots of subplots and details got dropped in order to service the taut main storyline, but I was okay with most of the omissions. The end credit sequence was also quite fun and worth paying attention to. I'm very glad to see the films improve as the books did (though the second one is still my least favorite, in either medium).

Hung out at Champp's after the movie for a bit to nosh and have a drink and chatter some more. Saw the end of the hockey game. Whee, hockey. Realized that I'm really going to miss Angie, but that I'm still overflowing with happiness for her. Whee, life.

The photos from Thursday's Food Forum outing to Carrie Cerino's are now online; mad props to Joel for his excellent work, and for allowing me to host them for him.

Hmf. It is way, way too late for me to be awake if I am serious about doing some work on Sunday. I wonder if I'm really that serious. Hmf. Perhaps mildly. I'll have to see how I feel after some much-deserved sleeeeeeeeeeep.

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