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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Had a long, long day yesterday. Up at 4:45 to be into the office by 6:00. Worked a full and busy twelve hours. Capped off the evening with a visit to [info]oogby and [info]reasie's house for nummy dinner and geeky good times. Surprisingly enough, I won at Give Me the Brain with a masterfully coordinated final hand, the kind of thing that never, ever happens to me in any game. We followed that with a round of Devil Bunny Needs a Ham, which was entirely fabulous, even though I got my ass pretty thoroughly kicked.

Of course, once I got home, I had a devil of a time getting to sleep, which is usually what happens when Liz isn't around when it's sleepytime.

After a period of sub-adequate and mostly useless rest, it was back to work for more hours of trying to be productive. I got a bunch of stuff done, but not as much as I wanted, so now I'm more behind than I had planned to be, and it's bugging me. The hardest part of what I'm doing now is that it would be really easy and fast to crank out crap code that I won't be able to leverage anywhere else in my project, and which would be a maintenance nightmare... But I'd rather write stuff in a way that seems "right," is reusable, is powerful in its elegance and elegant in its power. Sometimes that kind of code comes easily, and other times it takes some serious wrestling to arrive at the right place; today was one of the latter.

No significant/visible change in the kitchen today; I suspect it was all little tweaks to the alignment and leveling of the cabinetry.

But finally Liz got home from Cincinnati, and we had a fun dinner at Brendan O'Neill's that mostly consisted of my getting a lot drunker a lot faster than I had planned. I really didn't feel the first cider until the second one started to go looking for it, and suddenly I knew I was in trouble. I ate too much too, which left me feeling not exactly my best. (I'm doing better now, in case the suspense was bothering you.)

Tomorrow we have to get up at a reasonable hour, because we're attending the Blessing of the Vines at Markko Vineyard. We're planning on taking some "us time" at the newly completed Geneva State Park Lodge that night.

Then after a relaxing morning (hopefully), we'll catch up with the fun and excitement at [info]ayb2's graduation party. (Go, Angie, w00t!!)

So... I probably won't post again until Monday, at the earliest. Have a great weekend!

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