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Bugs, Mr. Rico!

Little flying ant-like bugs have invaded our office -- I just took out two of the blighters here at my desk.

But that's not as much fun as last night... Just as I got settled into bed, the cat raced up onto me, her eyes locked on some small, moving target, and paws batting at my chest. It took a few moments to figure out what she was after -- I had a wasp crawling on my stomach.

Did I mention that wasps are my number one insane phobia?

Oh yeah... I freaked out. Rather gloriously.

So I ran downstairs, procured my weapon of choice (the vacuum), and rushed back upstairs to prepare for battle. The vacuum, of course, is the cat's nemesis, so she took the opportunity to puff up and flip out as well. By this point, the wasp had figured out that it needed to find some cover, and had slipped behind the giclee above the headboard.

I consider it a small miracle that in the ensuing moments, I managed to not break anything, which is really quite surprising given the combination of the late hour, my state of panic, the cat's state of panic, and the number of things that ended up knocked over and/or on the floor. The battle was not a pretty thing, but I emerged victorious, and was able, eventually, to sleep.

One minor note of joy: I have just been informed that Tuesday's live mouse was last seen running into my cube. Fabulous.

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