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Timing, Loss, Remembrance, Synchronicity

Mother's Day began with a lazy morning in bed, sunbeams probing gently into the house as birds sang out the joys of spring. Before long, though, the graceful lethargy of the morning was interrupted by the phone; Liz's mom calling to announce the passing of her mother, Liz's grandmother.

As expected, the day has been a bit off-kilter ever since.

Plans for imminent travel to Chicago are, of course, under way. Liz and her grandmother did not have what could be termed a good relationship, but it is the duty of family to come together in such times. The ritual obligations of family are not to be resented, but must be undertaken, appreciated, celebrated, for some day we will all be in need of our own celebrations and remembrances.

Meanwhile, I haven't been able to get ahold of my own mother on this particular day of mothers, haven't been able to hear her voice, thank her for my life, tell her I love her.

Mom, you'd better check the answering machine when you get home. I miss you.

And yes, iTunes really did randomly serve up Pink Floyd's "Mother" as I sat down just now to check my mail for the first time today. Sometimes I wonder if iTunes knows more than it has any right to...

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