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Custom Kitchen Deliverieeeeees

(Written last night, but delayed until today on the off-chance that it might actually show up on people's highly-trafficked friends pages...)

Sure, it's not like any of you had anything to say about the recent turmoil in our kitchen (except for [info]reasie, who we loves very much, yes precious, yes we do)... Nobody even gave me any crap for my awful, awful puns, which were specifically hand-crafted to elicit groans of disgust. So you're not exactly worthy...

But hell, I'm too excited by today's updates. No, nothing really happened in the kitchen itself; today is all about the garage.

Why the garage?

Well, kids, Santa came early this year.

It's like Christmas Eve in our garage:
pile o' goodies

W00t, it's the mixer lift!
mixer lift

The things labeled "glass" are the cabinets that will house the stemware and crystal (glass in the doors, glass shelves)...
kiss my glass

The new lazy susan, as seen from the one perspective that will never, ever be visible again:
lackadaisical suzanne

Yeah, baby, YEAH! Nothing says loving like two barrels of oven-tastic whoop-ass!
if you can't stand the heat...
My guess is that there are some other fun toys buried back there somewhere too (dishwasher, range, hood, etc.)

Chef's pantry cabinets, I presume?
storage galore

I can't wait for it to be "Christmas Day" so I can play with all of my new toys!

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