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K+3 Through K+16

With the electrician wanting us to shut computers off, our photo gallery was offline for almost a week, and since then I've been either too busy or too lazy to post more pictures. Well, now that we have a FLOOR (ooh, feel that excitement, oh yeah!), those days are over! Brace yourselves for... A WHOLE LOTTA KITCHEN PHOTOS!!! Bwahahahahahahaa!!!!

New pipes that don't stick out into the room
We've got new pipes!

Because we can can can can can (lights that is)
Everybody CAN CAN!

We've been framed!
We've been framed!

Use only in a well-ventilated space...
Hood vent

Things start looking up (hardy har har...) with a new ceiling!
Ceiling, ooooh!
Ceiling, ahhhh!

If I keep making such bad jokes, will I be the first against the (dry)wall when the revolution comes?
drywall 1
drywall 2

Now this will really floor you...
Floor 1
Floor 2

And finally, in honor of Angie's dance-tastic wedding reception, Pixel gets her booty on the floor!
Pixel gets her booty on the floor

Tomorrow begins the procession of cabinetry and appliances! Oh, it makes me so tingly all over!

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