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My Life, Readers Digest Condensed Version

Good lord, but it's been a crazy week.

Had an utterly horrible meeting on Monday (half of which involved being yelled at, then being told "no one is yelling, everything is under control," and that also included the same person completely misrepresenting what I'd said in a previous meeting, to the point that it was nearly 180 degrees from the truth).

But on the other hand, the squirrel that decided to run across I-90 that morning made it to the far side alive. He waited in exactly the right place for me to drive over him at 77 (-ish) miles per hour, then darted forward a few more lanes, paused, and then arrived at his destination. Quite impressive for a critter with such a tiny brain; I guess all of our traffic-based efforts at breeding a smarter squirrel are starting to pay off!

Almost got killed on Monday afternoon as a bitch in a black Lexus (LEX 1857, in case you see this waste of skin driving around town) accelerated into the spot where I was supposed to be merging. I was in a situation where two lanes became one, and was about a car length ahead of Her Royal Recklessness when she decided that "oh, I drive a Lexus, I therefore have the right of way". And she had the nerve to lay on her horn at me, while I was just a scant moment away from having the oncoming traffic test out my airbags. Fucking piece of shit in her pre-owned yuppie crapbag of a car. But the guy who had been in front of me, who Bitch Queen got stuck behind, was going like 34, so I got a nice long look at her plates, then called the cops when I got home. They can't really do anything except call her and say that someone reported her for reckless driving... But at least I did everything I could.

It's been a busy week at work; I've finally started slinging some code for the huge project that I was supposed to have been able to start three weeks ago but couldn't until Tuesday afternoon. It's coming along. Hopefully I'll still manage to get things done on time, or at least approximately on time.

The kitchen continues apace; I'll follow up later on (tomorrow maybe) with new photos. Since my last update, we've had the new walls framed, the major electrical work completed, and in the last two days we've gotten our ceiling and the drywall has been hung! It's starting to look pretty impressive. It's going to be so great when it's done!

Liz had an event in Akron tonight, so we met up at Vaccaro's and had an excellent visit with Chef Pete. We keep meaning to visit the restaurant more often, and we keep not having a chance to get down there, so it was great to get a Pete fix. He's doing really well, the restaurant is rockin', and he's seeing a lady who sounds like she's just about perfect for him, and the shit-eating, ear-to-ear grin of his says that all the positive mojo I've been sending his way must have paid off. (Sure, I'll gladly take credit for it, what the hell!) We had a couple bottles of fabulous wine (more than I had planned on, which made the drive home in separate cars lots of fun), sampled from his extremely tasty menu, and had a great time catching up with a long-lost friend.

I'm sure there's more. But it can wait. I'll try to get some new photos posted tomorrow, I promise. (Though you can take a look here if you're impatient!)

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