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Weekend o' Misc.

Whew! It's been very busy weekend. I'm pooped!

  • Friday night - hung out at Varietals with the Cleveland Food & Wine Forum folks. Good times.
  • Saturday - Was moral support and peanut gallery for the class on French wine that Liz was running. It went really well. Yay!
  • Saturday afternoon - some errands, and finally had a solid meal. Yum!
  • Saturday evening - Carpooled with Jim for part 1 of Brent's bachelor party. Saw the 7:15 Kill Bill 2, which was most excellent. Then we all went bowling, whoopee! I totally schooled everyone's asses... at being a lousy bowler. Yup, I really suck. Somewhere during our hours at the bowling alley, I managed to pull or strain or do something to a muscle in my ass that I didn't even know I had. Ouch! But it was all worth it to watch a white-trash ball-lofter get ejected from the bowling alley by the police. If he'd only resisted a little, it would've been right out of "COPS" -- he was wearing the wife-beater and everything! Got home from all this excitement around 1:30. Sleepy tired!!
  • Sunday morning - Up and out the door, drove Jim downtown for part 2 of Brent's bachelor party. Started the day with brunch at Phil the Fire, renowned for its fried chicken and waffles dishes. Tasty. Amusingly, it was our server's first day... He kept bringing everyone's drink orders to me for some reason passing explanation.
  • Sunday afternoon - Everyone shlepped over to the 1:05 Indians game. It was a beautiful day for baseball, clear, warm, sunny, a nice cool breeze... We ended up sitting in the sun for the whole thing, though, so I ended up nice and pink in the places where I hadn't managed to properly apply sunscreen. Brent was made to wear a Tigers jersey, and was thus the subject of much ridicule (though much less painful than the original plan, paintball). Ah, good times.
  • After the game, came home and helped Liz finish clearing out the kitchen. Destruction starts tomorrow!!!

So, I am tired, sore, sunburned, exhausted, and our house is turned upside down. Now if only I could spend the rest of the week resting up, I'd be ready to do it all again.

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