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Return of the Brain-Melting Friday Afternoons

Somewhere, someone has flipped the switch, and Cleveland has suddenly lurched out of its long, dreary season into one of sunshine, flowers, and warming temperatures. Of course, there's always a day or two of delay before the climate control in the office adjusts to the change, so it's currently just shy of fifty million degrees in my cube, and what's left of my motivation has thoroughly evaporated. I can't even say that "all I can think about" is getting out of here to go enjoy the weekend, because I apparently can't even be bothered to form such a thing into a single, coherent thought.

Yup, it's definitely spring. Hard-core.

In other news... Um. Let's see.

  • Instead of finishing KoTOR last night, Liz and I went furniture shopping. We didn't have any luck with what we had been looking to purchase (an armoire suitable for holding a TV and associated stuff that would match, or at least get along with, the pine furniture in our bedroom)... But true to form, we ended up finding a dining room set that will go fabulously with the kitchen once the new cabinets are in. Of course, a dining room set is approximately an order of magnitude (or so) more expensive than a single piece of furniture, because life just wouldn't work any other way. I really like the dining room set, though; the chairs are really comfortable, and they look beautiful.
  • Remember when I saw One Man Star Wars? Well! Liz informs me that the same guy will soon be doing One Man Lord of the Rings! Rock!!
  • Looking forward to a weekend of fun as part of Brent's bachelor party... Thankfully the paintball plans were scrapped (not only could I not make it at the time, I am still hurting from my own bachelor party paintball session back in 2000!).
  • Only two and a half days until our kitchen goes buh-bye! I plan on posting pictures daily, so stay tuned...

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