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Taking the Good With the Bad

Bad: Being partly responsible for a disaster in our production server farm on Monday. (Remember, kids, if the other guy writes something with a horrible memory leak, don't call it every time a page gets loaded!)

Good: Coming home after my utterly horrid Monday, lightsabering the shit out of some bad guys, and having pizza and wine with [info]aquamindy and snuggling while watching Toy Story. (Sigh... She's so good to me!)

Bad: Wrestling with stupid bureaucracy and unrealistic project schedules at work.

Good: The ability to leave work at the office.

Bad: My nigh-uncontrollable addiction to KoTOR, and the time necessary to calm down after particularly intense battles.

Good: Almost done! Almost done! So close to having my life back!! Gaaaahh!!!!!

Bad: My Generation, the best record store in my immediate vicinity (really one of the best record stores of my life), is closing on April 25. The messages on their official mailing list are quite depressing; the most recent ones detail what all you would get if you bought the place (cash registers, neon sign, etc. etc.). And in the store this evening, the live James Brown CD that was on had hit a long track that was all about "you're leaving, you're throwing me away, it's all over." I suddenly had a vision of myself and my fellow customers as a murder of crows, picking through the carrion of a once-great beast for some tender morsels, and it sickened me.

Good: Their CD's and DVD's have extra discounts now, to help them clean out inventory. It's a good excuse to pick up things that I'd been holding off on (Jackie Brown and Real Genius on DVD) and discover some new things (On!Air!Library!, The Martinis, and Franz Ferdinand on CD).

Good: Kill Bill 2 arrives on Friday; picked up the CD today; woo-hoo!!

Bad: Don't think I can see it on Friday; determined to wait and not listen to the soundtrack until after I see the movie. Stupid waiting!

Bad: Starting Monday, our kitchen is GONE. We'll have to either grill outside, go out, or mooch off of, well, anyone that will let us.

Good: The fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth! (That's for you Evangelion fans out there...)

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