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Need for Speed

A few weeks ago, the OSDN ad server folks messed up and ran a promo for Speakeasy DSL service at 6Mbit/768kbit for $99/month. Since this is only a few dollars more than I pay for 1.5Mbit/384kbit service through Speakeasy, plus there were extra goodies involved (more static IP's, more email addresses, more hosting space, etc.), this was a total no-brainer for me.

Unfortunately, by the time I was able to call them, the promo had disappeared completely and 6 megabit service was "coming soon." Oh, the frustration!

Today my patience paid off; the promo was back, and looking legit! I finally got a chance to call them this afternoon as the work day closed out, and (after negotiating the labyrinth of phone reps who wanted to transfer me to different places--"uh, I've already talked to them, they sent me to you") obtained the upgrade to the magic new service! I am supposed to see the speed upgrade within four to twelve hours...


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