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Friday, Saturday, Weekend Days, Yay!

Had a hot date with [info]aquamindy last night (it's so much fun having hot dates with your spouse!). Munchies at the Winking Lizard in Lakewood, then downtown to see Jon Stewart's standup show. Had heaps of laughs, especially during his profound moral quandary about having a nine-year-old in the front row as he was about to launch into a joke about having sex with pumpkins. Hilarity ensued.

This morning I slept in like I haven't slept in in ages... Fabulous! At some point Liz put on the TV, and I was dimly aware of A Mighty Wind, and was strangely confused when it turned into Eight Crazy Nights. (Turns out I'd slipped back into sleepy-land for a couple hours... nice.)

Helped Liz with some database stuff for her new job, then played a bit of TDSWG. I'm at the broken-down undersea base where things have gone horribly, horribly awry. Loving it. Totally creepy and atmospheric. And it's fun running around on the sea floor zapping overgrown sharks. :-)

Fabulous turkey feast at Mandy and Don's house in Cleveland Heights. Excellent bird, nummy stuffing, mashed potatoes, broccoli, glazed carrots, perfect gravy, and (best of all) cranberry sauce from the can! Truly, a fine meal!

Rushed downtown after dinner to see Doc Opera 2004, featuring the irrepressible Angie, a longtime college friend. The show was fun, but unfortunately the sound mix was quite poor, so the band totally drowned out all singing, which was a real shame.

Despite the miserable icy dampness of the weather, everyone came out west and visited with us for a light dessert of cheeses, fruits, and dessert wines. We had a Australian botrytis Chardonnay and a New Zealand Riesling Icewine, both tasty. Had a nice time chatting with Angie's parents and sister (whom I'd somehow managed to never meet for years and years and years), as well as chilling with Mandy and Don, [info]gieves and [info]darlox, and Mindy and her beau, Mark. Mandy and Don escaped the evening without hand-me-downs, but others were not so fortunate. Angie's sister gets to borrow my Escaflowne tapes indefinitely (no need for tapes anymore since I have it all on DVD), Jim and Genevieve will take our kitchenette table and chairs once our kitchen starts to be torn apart, and Mark is the proud winner of our old vacuum, the Electrolux Discovery II (which is what I would think the love child of an upright vacuum and a Commodore 64 might look like).

And now, to bed, to sleep! I am muchly tired, and have a long, grueling day of TDSWG ahead of me. This Jedi needs some beauty sleep...

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