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Random Strings of Semi-Meaningful Text

Tuesday I met the slabs of granite that will be my new kitchen countertops in a few weeks. If you know your granite countertop materials, then telling you that it's a lovely specimen of "verde butterfly" will mean something to you. The material is predominantly black, with butterfly-wing intrusions of grey-green, and shot through with little traces of warm brown. The slabs are quite pretty, with no nasty bits to have to work around.

If I had to pick a favorite weather phenomenon, it would have to be fog. Something about the soft, dreamlike appearance it gives the world appeals to me. I love driving in it, as highway signs and lamp-posts slide into phantom-like existance, then fade into rear-view mirror oblivion, never fully real. Nothing like a cracking good bit of fog!

My new printer arrived last week. [info]aquamindy insisted on having me print up love notes from each computer to prove that everything was all set up and working correctly. I thus ended up composing the first love poem I've written in a shockingly long time--we're talking on the order of nine or ten years! It kind of sucks, but I might post it anyway; doing so would actually have a certain self-mocking irony to it, so that might be enough to convince me.

The weather forecast calls for wind, rain, and snow for Sunday... I thought it was March that was supposed to come "in like a lion?"

In related news, it's started snowing today. Yuck.

Still playing That Damn Star Wars Game. I'm stunned by the way it combines being astoundingly good with how powerfully addicting it is. Yowza!

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