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Things That Have Lately Transpired

So, I've realized it's been way too long since my last post. I don't have a lot of time right now, but here's the last week or two in a nutshell.

  • Took Liz to the ER last Wednesay morning. The diagnosis was as we suspected, a ruptured ovarian cyst. She's had it happen twice before, at about the same time of year. The nurse who was taking care of us said she'd had one just the past week, so it must be the fashionable thing to do.
  • Signed papers and cut checks to the kitchen designer and the builder that we've been working with. We now have 50% down on the cabinets and appliances, and 20% down on the construction. The trigger is pulled; we are committed; there is no turning back. It's exciting! Can't wait for it to all be done. On a weird side note, Liz was too wacked on her painkillers from the cyst to be legal to sign things, so I got to cut all the checks; it was the most money I'd personally spent in a single day, and quite surreal.
  • Liz got me a new vacuum cleaner for my birthday! I can state quite proudly that it really sucks! I love it, though the amount of dust and cat hair that it has pulled from the carpet so far is quite disturbing.
  • I turned 27 on Wednesday, March 3, with little fanfare (as I didn't really desire any). I feel kind of weirdly old, and yet not old at the same time. Another year closer to the projected start of "Project Have Some Kids"...
  • Last night we lit out and hit the road, bound for fortune and glory in the mighty land of Canada! We're knocking about in the Niagara on the Lake wine region, visiting wineries, tasting their treasures, and fighting a desperate battle against going poor. We've tasted quite a number of excellent wines so far today, and we'll hit a few more wineries tomorrow before returning home. Tonight is dinner at Peller, where they've got a special tasting menu paired with wine, and we'll also be able to take part in a barrel tasting, so it should be a lot of fun. Liz is working on writing up her notes and will probably be posting them at some point this weekend or early in the week.

Ulp! Time to change for dinner! Cheers!

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