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Straight But Not Narrow

President Bush wants to defend marriage through a Constitutional amendment? That says that not all men are created equal, that refutes the tenet that all citizens should have equal protection under the law?

If he really wants to protect the institution of marriage, then why don't we drop all the discriminatory rhetoric and do something that will actually get the job done. It would be far more effective to simply outlaw divorce or make adultery a federal crime.

And exactly whose marriage is at risk if two people of the same gender want to spend their lives within the bond of a commited, loving, stable relationship? Is the Gay Marriage Enforcer Squad going to come and take you away from your spouse and press you into kinky gay servitude? If two other people's loving, monogamous relationship threatens your marriage, then you and your spouse are probably (over)due for some counseling.

In a hundred years, history will look back on the "marriage defenders" the way we now look back on those that would deny women the vote, or that would enslave those with different skin. The President's pursuit of the Constitutional process on this issue is reckless and foolhardy, and will cement his tenure in the White House as a time of shame for our nation.

Marriage is love.

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