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And So It Begins

"Val" is upon us.

I will try to sporadically check in, give people an indication that I'm still alive and functional, that sort of thing, but I make no guarantees, written or implied. Your mileage may vary, offer good while supplies last, some restrictions may apply.

How are things? So far, so good. All of the processes that I am involved with are running okay, getting finished on time, etc. Futures are going out, users are picking them up, and I'm processing the results just fine. Hopefully it stays that way...

Tomorrow and Saturday I've got additional monitoring tasks, so I'll be even busier and crazier than today. Hopefully I stay fine as well.

Update @ 09:45: Added a "current music" that seemed appropriate when it came around on my iPod... The lyrics seem oddly (darkly) appropriate...

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