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A Long Time Ago...

This is in response to [info]sam16's recent post...

Star Wars trilogy on DVD 9/21/04, woohoo!

Good things:

  • Commentary on all three movies
  • All three movies released at the same time
  • All three movies in one box
  • It's Special Edition, so Empire will be prettier (the original Cloud City matte paintings just sucked)
  • Will certainly have good sale prices
  • No Jar-Jar

Bad things:

  • It's Special Edition, so Greedo shoots first (curse you, George, currrrrrrse you!!)
  • It's Special Edition, so it has the really bad new song in Jedi as well as the dumb "Nature Company" new-agey music instead of the Ewok song
  • Only available in the box, not as separate releases
  • "Box" paradigm doesn't match my individually-released Episode 1 & 2 DVD's
  • No original versions on extra discs (thank you, laser discs!)
  • It'll be the third copy of Special Edition that I own (widescreen VHS, Japanese LD's, DVD)
  • Purchase will be as much "duty" as "desire"
  • Will inevitably have more versions to buy in the future (again with the curses!)

Oh well. I'll buy it anyway. After all, it's not like I have a choice.

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