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CSS d'Amour

I've been so caught up in the fact that it's almost Valentine's Day to realize that it's almost Valentine's Day!*

In keeping with the season, and with [info]gieves and [info]darlox's recent announcement, I hereby declare that it's time for candy hearts at!

Yes, this was a desperate attempt to ignore my pre-Val workload this evening and do something semi-creative instead.

*Valentine's Day, or "Val" as we call it in the office, is the single most stressful time of the year, since it's when everyone and their dog, cat, and stoat send eCards on our sites, which usually does a good job of pummeling us senseless. So every year we have a nice little death-march beforehand to batten down all the hatches and implement all kinds of wacky architecture changes to try to survive. Consequently, time both at and away from the office becomes a big smudgy blur from early January until about February 15.

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